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decorated with an :
an arcaded entryway.
housed in an :
arcaded shops.

a series of arches supported on piers or columns.
an arched, roofed-in gallery.
Compare .

an arched or covered passageway, usually with shops on each side.
an establishment, public area, etc., containing games of a mechanical and electronic type, as pinball and video games, that can be played by a customer for a fee.
an ornamental carving, as on a piece of furniture, in the form of a row of arches.
to provide with an arcade.
Historical Examples

With bevelled panels and drawers and arcaded panels and ends.
Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture Arthur Hayden

At one end of the arcaded street is the curious Fontaine des Elephants.
Europe from a Motor Car Russell Richardson

Along the front run the traces of an arcaded passage, which anciently led across from one side to the other of the building.
Old Rome Robert Burn

The side and ends have arcaded 55panelling containing shields of arms.
Bell’s Cathedrals: The Churches of Coventry Frederic W. Woodhouse

Then a square, and tall obelisk, and arcaded houses; and turning a corner there rises the bridge tower, strikingly picturesque.
A July Holiday in Saxony, Bohemia, and Silesia Walter White

The natural keys are veneered with boxwood and have arcaded boxwood fronts.
Italian Harpsichord-Building in the 16th and 17th Centuries John D. Shortridge

We continued along the arcaded walk; a double curtain was drawn to right and left before me, while my guide stepped aside.
Romance Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer

A further development was to make the porch a kind of arcaded avant-porte surmounted by a gable with sculptured features.
Cathedral Cities of France Herbert Marshall

First comes an arcaded court, then two flights of marble stairs, and then room after room, tastelessly over-decorated.
Vistas in Sicily Arthur Stanley Riggs

Formed of two arcaded stages, the whole pile rises to a vast height, and the height of the lower stage alone is very considerable.
Sketches from the Subject and Neighbour Lands of Venice Edward A. Freeman

a set of arches and their supporting columns
a covered and sometimes arched passageway, usually with shops on one or both sides
a building, or part of a building, with an arched roof

1731 (as arcado, from 1640s), from Italian arcata “arch of a bridge,” from arco “arc,” from Latin arcus (see arc). Applied to passages formed by a succession of arches, avenues of trees, and ultimately to any covered avenue, especially one lined with shops (1731) or amusements; hence arcade game (1977).


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