a combining form with the general sense “first, principal,” that is prefixed to nouns denoting things that are earliest, most basic, or bottommost (archiblast; archiphoneme; architrave); or denoting individuals who direct or have authority over others of their class, usually named by the base noun (archimandrite; architect).
Historical Examples

archi, 3, making allowance for the usual exaggeration of an advocate.
The Apostles Ernest Renan

The use of the French corresponding form ‘archi-‘ instead of the English ‘arch-‘ is probably not accidental.
Minor Poets of the Caroline Period, Vol III John Cleveland

combining form
a variant of arch-

archi- or arch- or arche-
Earlier; primitive: archenteron.

a city on the boundary of Ephraim and Benjamin (Josh. 16:2), between Bethel and Beth-horon the nether.

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