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of or relating to :
architectural metals.
conforming to the basic principles of .
having the qualities of ; characteristic of ; structural; architectonic.
Contemporary Examples

The screeching vehicle left tire tracks on the architectural relic, which dates back to the Ming Dynasty.
High Speed Scandal: Ferrari Incident Rocks China Melinda Liu September 4, 2012

“[She] is not afraid of unexpected mixtures of bold color and architectural lines,” he told The Daily Beast in an e-mail.
Mary Katrantzou and Garjan Atwood, in O Sense Lisa Larson-Walker January 18, 2013

“His architectural background and his remarkable ability to understand the built environment helped him,” she said.
Ai Weiwei Escapes to Alcatraz Emily Wilson September 27, 2014

And you also realize that it probably doesn’t appear in any architectural textbooks.
Art To Die For June 8, 2012

It showcases a series of his drawings, photographs, models, tools, and architectural plans from 1976 to today.
James Turrell: Looking Back at 50 Years of Illuminating Light as Art Jean Trinh May 25, 2013

Historical Examples

At the same time villa is an architectural term; fundus, an economical term; prdium, a juridical term.
Dderlein’s Hand-book of Latin Synonymes Ludwig Dderlein

In both cases the architectural character is what we should expect.
Byzantine Churches in Constantinople Alexander Van Millingen

The streets, too, in which these scenes occur are in themselves full of variety and architectural beauty.
Sketches Benjamin Disraeli

It is most interesting for the rich remains of architectural beauty which it displays.
Ely Cathedral Anonymous

Touraine is a land of old chteaux,—a gallery of architectural specimens and of large hereditary properties.
A Little Tour in France Henry James


1762; see architecture + -al (1). Related: Architecturally.


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