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Usually, archives. documents or records relating to the activities, business dealings, etc., of a person, family, corporation, association, community, or nation.
archives, a place where public records or other historical documents are kept.
any extensive record or collection of data:
The encyclopedia is an archive of world history. The experience was sealed in the archive of her memory.
Digital Technology.

a long-term storage device, as a disk or magnetic tape, or a computer directory or folder that contains copies of files for backup or future reference.
a collection of digital data stored in this way.
a computer file containing one or more compressed files.
a collection of information permanently stored on the Internet:
The magazine has its entire archive online, from 1923 to the present.

to place or store in an archive:
to vote on archiving the city’s historic documents.
Digital Technology. to compress (computer files) and store them in a single file.
Contemporary Examples

The post was archived by the archive.moe 4chan archiving site.
The Kardashian Look-Alike Trolling for Assad Noah Shachtman, Michael Kennedy October 16, 2014

My version of a 401(k) was archiving content for my Web site, a business strategy that other girls continue to employ.
How a Porn Star Retires: Aurora Snow on Life After Porn Aurora Snow June 17, 2013

Whether people will be reading these blogs in the future has to do with a larger question of archiving and the Internet.
Interview: ‘Heroines’ Author Kate Zambreno Michele Filgate November 22, 2012

Organizations such as Rhizome have been archiving such work even longer and have over 2,000 pieces online.
Would You Buy an Internet Website as Art? Jessica Dawson June 2, 2014

noun (often pl)
a collection of records of or about an institution, family, etc
a place where such records are kept
(computing) data transferred to a tape or disk for long-term storage rather than frequent use
verb (transitive)
to store (documents, data, etc) in an archive or other repository

1819 (implied in archived), from archives. Related: Archiving.


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