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an or melody.
an elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment, as in an opera or oratorio.
a nymph, the mother of Miletus, by Apollo.
Contemporary Examples

arias dated Alexander for several months and then continued a sexual relationship with him after they broke up.
Will Jodi Arias Go Free? Christine Pelisek May 2, 2013

“The movie is a good representation of what could happen,” arias said.
‘The Kings of Summer’ Stars on Survival Skills, Girls, Becoming Men, and More Anna Klassen May 30, 2013

After that encounter, arias said she suggested that she take photos of Alexander in the shower.
Jodi Arias’s High-Wire Act Christine Pelisek February 21, 2013

Christine Pelisek on the highs, lows, and lies—and whether the jury could give arias a break.
Will Jodi Arias Go Free? Christine Pelisek May 2, 2013

During one particularly violent encounter, arias said, Alexander broke her finger.
Jodi Arias’s Baffling Defense Strategy Christine Pelisek February 16, 2013

Historical Examples

Consequently, knowing what I do, I would insist upon my daughter having a thorough training in the old Italian arias.
Great Singers on the Art of Singing James Francis Cooke

The work is for a five part choir, with arias, a duet, and a trio.
Bach Charles Francis Abdy Williams

This choice, in which the Jesuits had some influence, induced them to suppose that arias would be condemned.
The History of the Inquisition of Spain from the Time of its Establishment to the Reign of Ferdinand VII. Juan Antonio Llorente

They prescribed also the kinds and number of arias, duets, etc.
How Music Developed W. J. Henderson

This is rather too strongly expressed, unless Jahn had in mind the arias of Rocco and Marcelline.
The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven, Volume II (of 3) Alexander Wheelock Thayer

an elaborate accompanied song for solo voice from a cantata, opera, or oratorio See also da capo

from Italian aria, literally “air” (see air (n.1)).
aria [(ahr-ee-uh)]

A piece of music for one voice (or occasionally two voices) in an opera, oratorio, or cantata. In contrast with recitative singing, arias are melodious; in contrast with ordinary songs, arias are usually elaborate.

Note: Some composers, such as Richard Wagner, have felt that arias interrupt the action of opera too much and hence have written operas without them.

advanced range instrumented aircraft


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