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Ariel sharon

Ariel, 1928–2014, Israeli military and political leader; prime minister 2001–06.
a fertile coastal plain in ancient Palestine: now a coastal region N of Tel Aviv in Israel.
a city in W Pennsylvania.
a town in E Massachusetts.
Also, Sharen. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “a plain or flat area.”.
Contemporary Examples

ariel sharon tried another iron fist, which he called Operation Defensive Shield.
How to Fight Hamas Bernard Avishai January 3, 2009

Tyler is much better when he comes to the subsequent actors in the drama such as Dayan, Peres, Netanyahu and ariel sharon.
Not a Useful Contribution Daniel Gavron September 30, 2012

One of my favorite glimpses of ariel sharon occurred one day some years ago at a breakfast at his farm in the Negev.
My Moments With Ariel Sharon Seth Lipsky January 10, 2014

If he was capable of Netanyahu or ariel sharon’s bombast, he hid the ability with many other secrets.
The Last Revolutionary Gershom Gorenberg July 1, 2012

Like his predecessor ariel sharon, Netanyahu could become a hard-line Israeli prime minister who takes a bold step toward peace.
Bibi Throws the Dice Matthew McAllester September 1, 2010

This week, a memoir of liberation, a biography of ariel sharon, and a comprehensive compendium from a master poet.
This Week’s Hot Reads: January 19th, 2014 Nicholas Mancusi January 21, 2014

Barak was defeated by another former general, ariel sharon, in early 2001 and left politics for several years.
Israeli Defense Minister Barak Quits Politics Dan Ephron November 25, 2012

In 2001, the second intifada drove the electorate away from Barak and his historic attempt at peace, to ariel sharon.
What Hamas Wants Samuel Lebens November 19, 2012

Peace Now, ariel sharon and—here, talking about some of those closest to him—the settler vanguard of Gush Emunim.
First Step to Peace: Admitting that it’s Complicated Yehudah Mirsky May 3, 2012

Whether ariel sharon takes in any of this activity, no one knows for sure.
Ariel Sharon’s Twilight Zone Lynn Sherr October 18, 2009

Ariel (ˈærɪəl). born 1928, Israeli soldier and politician; Likud prime minister (2001–06)
Plain of Sharon, a plain in W Israel, between the Mediterranean and the hills of Samaria, extending from Haifa to Tel Aviv

fem. proper name; from the name of the fertile coastal plain between Jaffa and Mount Carmel, from Hebrew, short for yesharon, properly “the Plain,” from stem of yashar “was straight, was even” (cf. Hebrew mishor “level land, plain”). A top-10 list name for girls born in the U.S. between 1943 and 1949.


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