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a city in extreme N France: World War I battles 1914, 1918.
Historical Examples

He was with the Canadians, too, when he was killed at armentieres, three months ago.
The Sky Pilot in No Man’s Land Ralph Connor

The line of opposing trenches was about a mile and a half east of armentieres.
The Red Watch J. A. Currie

The New Zealand division which had come into our area, held the line in front of armentieres.
On the Fringe of the Great Fight George G. Nasmith

We skirted the borders of Belgium and arrived at armentieres in the afternoon.
The Great War As I Saw It Frederick George Scott

We got a motor bus where the railways cross the armentieres road.
The Red Watch J. A. Currie

I joined the battalion again at armentieres where we remained a few days and then went forward to Ypres.
What the “Boys” Did Over There Various

On the following Sunday, we had a church parade in the square in armentieres.
The Great War As I Saw It Frederick George Scott

The streets of armentieres were well laid out and some of the private residences were very fine.
The Great War As I Saw It Frederick George Scott

Others say they hear heavy bombarding which appears to come from armentieres.
In Flanders Fields and Other Poems John McCrae

We were brought to armentieres in order to be put into the trenches with some of the British units for instruction.
The Great War As I Saw It Frederick George Scott

a town in N France: site of battles in both World Wars. Pop: 25 273 (1999)


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