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Armored personnel carrier

a tracked military vehicle with a steel or aluminum hull used to transport troops in combat and usually fitted with light armament.
Abbreviation: APC.
Contemporary Examples

Shaul was declared missing after an anti-tank missile hit his armored personnel carrier days earlier.
Israel, Hamas, WhatsApp and Hacked Phones in the Gaza Psy-War Itay Hod July 25, 2014

Not far away a couple of soldiers cradled their Kalashnikovs as they eyed the action from an armored personnel carrier.
Mubarak’s Judgment Day Alastair Beach August 2, 2011

I tried going around a different street, and cops on an armored personnel carrier waved me back.
Egypt’s Government Thugs Beat Me Up at the Rabaa Sit-In Mike Giglio August 13, 2013


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