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a maker or repairer of or .
a person who manufactures, repairs, or services firearms.
an enlisted person in charge of the upkeep of small , machine guns, ammunition, and the like.
Historical Examples

armorer said, “You seem to get on very well with your working people, Mr. Lossing.”
Stories of a Western Town Octave Thanet

There was something boyish and simple about the action and the tone, and armorer laughed.
Stories of a Western Town Octave Thanet

The two principal ornamental arts and mysteries in the Caucasus are those of the armorer and the saddler.
Life of Schamyl John Milton Mackie

armorer turned on his heel abruptly; it was to conceal a smile.
Stories of a Western Town Octave Thanet

armorer grasped the rope viciously; Shuey was on the seat pulling from above.
Stories of a Western Town Octave Thanet

The armorer threw down his heavy hammer with a crash upon the floor.
Sir Nigel Arthur Conan Doyle

When not engaged otherwise Walter would, almost every afternoon, cross London Bridge and would spend hours in the armorer’s forge.
St. George for England G. A. Henty

It was once, in fact, an armorer’s shop, and has since been converted to a kitchen.
Last Words Juliana Horatia Ewing

I was not born to be a warrior: your armorer is all that I can be.
Master Olof August Strindberg

Master Ben, apprentice to an armorer, Fitzhugh introduced him.
Peter Cotterell’s Treasure Rupert Sargent Holland


late 14c. (mid-13c. as a surname), from Anglo-French armurer, Old French aremurier, from armeure “armor” (see armor (n.)).


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