Arlanda International Airport (Stockholm, Sweden)
Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
Contemporary Examples

The trilogy starts with the rugged hero, arn Magnusson, in his homeland, Sweden, in 1150.
The Daily Beast Recommends The Daily Beast April 27, 2009

Historical Examples

What possessed arn to place such a sprawling affair over his mantel?
Visionaries James Huneker

I shall expect to come in for a share of the honey, and I’m willing to ‘arn all I take.
Oak Openings James Fenimore Cooper

Just then Dr. arn entered and laughed when he saw the other struggling with the fan.
Visionaries James Huneker

And uplandish men will counterfete and likene them self to gentilmen and arn besy to speke frensshe for to be more sette by.
The Teaching and Cultivation of the French Language in England during Tudor and Stuart Times Kathleen Lambley

“So I had recourse to an ally—to the fan itself,” blandly added arn, as he poured out more wine.
Visionaries James Huneker

Your father he ‘d never rest in his grave, ef he thought his little Mercy was a havin’ to arn money for her livin’.
Mercy Philbrick’s Choice Helen Hunt Jackson

I’m ready and willing to work, boss, but I’m fit to arn thirty dollars, surely.
Old Man Savarin and Other Stories Edward William Thomson

Now he and alle his olde felawship put owt their fynnes, and arn ryght flygge and mery.
The Romance of Names Ernest Weekley

Wasn’t one side in pollitiks the same as another to an old woman like me, who only wants to ‘arn her bit and her sup?
The Landleaguers Anthony Trollope

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