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died a.d. 907, Hungarian national hero.
Historical Examples

The son of Geisa was invested with the regal title, and the house of arpad reigned three hundred years in the kingdom of Hungary.
The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon

It was plain Eveline liked arpad, which was only natural, for they were about the same age.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

arpad viewed the matter not so much from the artistic side as from his youthful, ardent nature.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

Do you imagine that the world contains nothing but simpletons like arpad Belenyi?
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

arpad must obey his mother’s wishes, and what she promises for him he must do.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

This was undoubtedly arpad’s mother, who was curious to see who had come to visit her son.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

arpad knew nothing of what had happened to Kaulmann; the news had not penetrated to Montmartre.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

She laughed, and slapped arpad’s hand, which he did not like.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

Eveline went on her toes to the door of the opposite apartment, and noiselessly turned the handle; she wanted to surprise arpad.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

arpad had, however, resolved to make the matter still clearer.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

(Isa. 10:9; 36:19; 37:13), also Arphad, support, a Syrian city near Hamath, along with which it is invariably mentioned (2 Kings 19:13; 18:34; Isa. 10:9), and Damascus (Jer. 49:23). After a siege of three years it fell (B.C. 742) before the Assyrian king Tiglath-pileser II. Now Tell Erfud.


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