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Art deco

a style of decorative art developed originally in the 1920s with a revival in the 1960s, marked chiefly by geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, sharply defined outlines, often bold colors, and the use of synthetic materials, as plastics.
Contemporary Examples

Prints ranged from rich and India-meets-Psychedelic to modern and art deco, rendered in abstract circular, swirling prints.
Paris’s Craziest Show Yet: Manish Arora Spring/ Summer 2014 Liza Foreman September 25, 2013

Everyone from the Rolling Stones to Nelson Mandela, Doris Day to Tom Cruise eventually passed through this art deco landmark.
A Starry Night in Morocco David Kaufman November 28, 2009

The Daily Pic: At the 1933 arts center in Shanghai, death goes art deco.
A Slaughterhouse with Style Blake Gopnik October 2, 2012

The walls are lined with clouded glass and throw a touch of art deco into the design mix.
A Mad Feast Is the Next ‘Sleep No More’ Nina Strochlic February 2, 2014

The video’s aesthetics blend 1920s art deco style, clothes, and makeup with modern-day club beats and DJs.
Sigur Rós, MGMT & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO) Victoria Kezra August 10, 2013

After leaving Biba in 1976, she became a well-known interior and exterior designer in the revival of the Miami art deco District.
Barbara Hulanicki, Queen of Fast Fashion Lizzie Crocker October 14, 2014

Asian and art deco in feel, they enlivened a blazer, turned a dress into a virtual tapestry.
Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten Kick Off Paris Fall 2012 Fashion Week Robin Givhan February 29, 2012

A view down into the wild, art deco abattoir now called the 1933 Center in Shanghai.
A Slaughterhouse with Style Blake Gopnik October 2, 2012


a style of interior decoration, jewellery, architecture, etc, at its height in the 1930s and characterized by geometrical shapes, stylized natural forms, and symmetrical utilitarian designs adapted to mass production
(as modifier): an Art-Deco carpet

“decorative and architectural style of the period 1925-1940,” attested from 1966, from French art décoratif, literally “decorative art” (see decorative); from L’Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris 1925.


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