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Chester (“Chet”) 1924–2001, U.S. country-and-western singer and musician.
Contemporary Examples

According to the Los Angeles Times, Atkins got married in 1981 to “a self-proclaimed Texas millionaire” named Donald Laisure.
Charles Manson, Ted Bundy & Other Notorious Jailhouse Weddings Caitlin Dickson November 17, 2014

For dinner during those seven grueling days, the no-carbs Atkins model applies.
Thin By Friday The Daily Beast September 27, 2010

“I could hardly be a young, juicy maid now,” said Atkins, laughing.
Upstairs Downstairs Returns to PBS’ Masterpiece Jace Lacob April 6, 2011

That’s led “paleo” diet followers and Atkins types to focus on eating almost nothing but meat.
Why I’m Cutting Back on Red Meat Megan McArdle April 7, 2013

Since North West took the Internet by storm, mom has gone on the Atkins diet to get back to her pre-baby body.
Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Butt Selfie? Yes, She Probably Did. Marina Watts January 7, 2014

Historical Examples

He wondered what Atkins thought of him; how much the lightkeeper guessed concerning his identity and his story.
The Woman-Haters Joseph C. Lincoln

The Atkins town pump, also his gift, stood before the townhall.
Cy Whittaker’s Place Joseph C. Lincoln

Atkins made no reply, so the question was repeated with a variation.
The Woman-Haters Joseph C. Lincoln

The captain glanced at the iron dogs guarding the Atkins gate.
Cy Whittaker’s Place Joseph C. Lincoln

Atkins and Cade entered the wood from the park, and the three others a little lower down.
Christmas Stories Edward Berens

Robert C. 1930–2003, US physician, cardiologist, and nutritionist. An advocate of complementary medicine, he devised a widely-used diet (the Atkins diet) based on controlled intake of carbohydrates for weight management and disease prevention

See Atkins diet


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