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  • Atlanta

    a city in and the capital of Georgia, in the N part. a state in the SE United States. 58,876 sq. mi. (152,489 sq. km). Capital: Atlanta. Abbreviation: GA (for use with zip code), Ga. Also called Georgian Republic. a republic in Transcaucasia, bordering on the Black Sea, N of Turkey and Armenia: an independent […]

  • Atlantad

    atlantad atlantad at·lan·tad (āt-lān’tād’, ət-) adv. Toward the atlas.

  • Atlantal

    of or relating to the atlas. atlantal at·lan·tal (āt-lān’təl, ət-) adj. Characteristic of or relating to the atlas.

  • Atlantic charter

    the joint declaration of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill (August 14, 1941) resulting from a conference at sea, setting forth the peace aims of their governments for the period following World War II. The declaration was later endorsed by a number of countries and incorporated in the purposes of the United Nations. noun the […]

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