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Atomic pile

(def 4).
Historical Examples

Trailing the wheel ten miles off, was the atomic pile, directly attached to its anchor tube.
Where I Wasn’t Going Walt Richmond

The atomic pile levers were still at their proper calibration.
Atom Drive Charles Louis Fontenay

This ship is powered by a nuclear reactor—in other words, an atomic pile.
Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet Harold Leland Goodwin

The Nyjord ships carry enough H-bombs to turn the entire planet into an atomic pile.
Planet of the Damned Harry Harrison

“I suppose you know that this ship runs on an atomic pile,” he said in a conversational tone of voice.
The Stutterer R.R. Merliss

Inside this anchor tube ran the thick coaxial cable that fed three-phase electric power from the atomic pile to the ship.
Where I Wasn’t Going Walt Richmond

Look, you know how an atomic pile works—essentially just like an atomic bomb.
The K-Factor Harry Harrison (AKA Henry Maxwell Dempsey)

the original name for a nuclear reactor
atomic pile
An early type of nuclear reactor whose core consisted of layers of graphite block interspersed with uranium, designed to create a sustained fission reaction.


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