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Auxiliary Territorial Service (organized in 1941 for women serving in the British army; became part of army in 1949 as WRAC).
American Temperance Society.
American Tract Society.
American Transport Service.
a money of account of Laos, the 100th part of a kip.
Contemporary Examples

By now, the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) had managed to intercept the phone conversations between the fidayeen and their handlers.
When India Failed in the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Emma Garman November 1, 2013

Historical Examples

Them clerks wears top-‘ATS, an’ consequently they daren’t smoke pipes.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 101, September 26, 1891 Various

Why, ATS radaklous—only nine hundred and seventy-five dollars!
Pictures of Southern Life William Howard Russell

Second “G.” They are reasonable; but I’ve ‘eard as felt ‘ATS is gone out of fashion now.
Puppets at Large F. Anstey

People didn’t ought to be allowed in the Pit with sech ‘ATS!
Voces Populi F. Anstey

Precious few coppers ‘ud fall into their ‘ATS, I’ll go bail!
Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 99., November 8, 1890 Various

About twenty-three years, I b’leeves; ‘ATS what my mother says.
The Burial of the Guns Thomas Nelson Page

Then who is it in the fancy dress, with slouch ‘ATS an’ feathers on?
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 104, May 20, 1893 Various

Perhaps the term Tugawanon is only a local name for a branch of the ATS tribe.
The Manbos of Mindano John M. Garvan

Put on your ‘ATS an’ take wraps wi’ you in case you get ‘ot, for the barn may be draughty,’ said Mrs Clay.
Sarah’s School Friend May Baldwin

used to indicate location or position: are they at the table?, staying at a small hotel
towards; in the direction of: looking at television, throwing stones at windows
used to indicate position in time: come at three o’clock
engaged in; in a state of (being): children at play, stand at ease, he is at his most charming today
(in expressions concerned with habitual activity) during the passing of (esp in the phrase at night): he used to work at night
for; in exchange for: it’s selling at four pounds
used to indicate the object of an emotion: angry at the driver, shocked at his behaviour
(slang) where it’s at, the real place of action
noun (pl) at
a Laotian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a kip
Chemical symbol
Also A. ampere-turn
attainment target

Old English æt, from Proto-Germanic *at (cf. Old Norse, Gothic at, Old Frisian et, Old High German az), from PIE *ad- “to, near, at” (cf. Latin ad “to, toward” Sanskrit adhi “near;” see ad-).

Lost in German and Dutch, which use their equivalent of to; in Scandinavian, however, to has been lost and at fills its place. In choosing between at church, in church, etc. at is properly distinguished from in or on by involving some practical connection; a worshipper is at church; a tourist is in the church.

The colloquial use of at after where (“where it’s at”) is attested from 1859. At last is recorded from late 13c.; adverbial phrase at least was in use by 1775. At in Middle English was used freely with prepositions (e.g. at after, which is in Shakespeare), but this has faded with the exception of at about, which was used in modern times by Trollope, Virginia Woolfe, D.H. Lawrence, and Evelyn Waugh, but nonetheless is regarded as a sign of incompetent writing by my copy editor bosses.

The symbol for the element astatine.
The symbol for astatine.

Attribute Translation System
Agreed to Senate
against the spread
alternate to suspension
American Temperance Society
American Thoracic Society
American Tract Society
American Transport Service
achievement test
advanced technology
air temperature
Atlantic Time
automatic transmission


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