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an inn; hostel.
Historical Examples

Even the obtuse faculties of the hostler had been drilled into knowing nothing of any other auberge in the town but his own.
Richelieu, v. 3/3 G. P. R. James

He married Jacintha, and Josephine set them up in Bigot’s, (deceased) auberge.
White Lies Charles Reade

We are all at the auberge de l’Union which is the only one in the place and is neither good nor bad.
Memoirs of the Duchesse de Dino v.1/3, 1831-1835 Dorothy Duchesse de Dino

It is more compact than Vildrac’s “auberge,” and has not Vildrac’s tendency to sentiment.
Instigations Ezra Pound

Hector at once went to an auberge but a few hundred yards from the cardinal’s residence.
Won by the Sword G.A. Henty

She returned to her watching place to find the auberge again in darkness.
The Garden of Swords Max Pemberton

She is less anxious, however, seeing the state in which he presents himself; so unusual, coming from the “auberge maudite.”
Gwen Wynn Mayne Reid

He drank sitting on a bench outside the door of the auberge.
Alias The Lone Wolf Louis Joseph Vance

The Count was lying in a dangerous condition at the auberge Royale, and might not be moved.
Bardelys the Magnificent Rafael Sabatini

They stopped at the first auberge, and there Durochat manifested a desire to speak to the magistrate in private.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327 Various

an inn or tavern


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