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Chiefly British, .
a dark purplish color.
Contemporary Examples

“Hillary also looked beautiful in that aubergine dress,” he said.
Chelsea’s Wedding Dress Knockoff Claire Howorth August 1, 2010

Historical Examples

Just above, inside a building, which is of aubergine and green, is a man sorting the rice.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

All the trappings, including saddle and saddle-cloth, in green and aubergine.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

The covers reticulated with design of hawthorn and branches; the stems in aubergine on green and rouge de fer.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

Three colours:—green, a curious shade; yellow, varying from pale to bright; aubergine, also varying in tone.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

The armour is in green with yellow edgings, belt, &c.; the under-garments in aubergine, and black boots.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

Supported on pedestals fashioned as tree trunks, on which there is a vase in aubergine and a bird in green and white.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

The handles are formed as dolphins; the head of each is in aubergine, the back in rouge de fer, and the body in yellow.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

The spouts are seen issuing from monster heads, the latter in aubergine, the former in brilliant yellow.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

Near the base is the figure of a man ploughing the rice field, with a water buffalo, in aubergine and yellow.
Chats on Oriental China J. F. Blacker

a tropical Old World solanaceous plant, Solanum melongena, widely cultivated for its egg-shaped typically dark purple fruit US, Canadian, and Australian name eggplant
the fruit of this plant, which is cooked and eaten as a vegetable

a dark purple colour
(as adjective): an aubergine dress


“eggplant,” 1794, from French aubergine, “fruit of the eggplant” (Solanum esculentum), diminutive of auberge “a kind of peach,” variant of alberge, from Spanish alberchigo “apricot” [OED]. Klein derives the French word from Catalan alberginera, from Arabic al-badinjan “the eggplant,” from Persian badin-gan, from Sanskrit vatin-ganah. As a color like that of the eggplant fruit, it is attested from 1895.

A secret term used to refer to computers in the presence of computerphobic third parties.


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