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any of several plants belonging to the genus Aubrietia, of the mustard family, forming dense mats and having numerous small, purplish flowers.
Historical Examples

Free–growing spring–flowers like aubrietia, Alyssum, and Iberis, may be multiplied to any extent by division or cuttings.
The Wild Garden William Robinson

This special service ship, the aubrietia, was hardly a member of the protective escort.
The Victory At Sea William Sowden Sims

The aubrietia had already given warning of the danger referred to in the last words of this final message.
The Victory At Sea William Sowden Sims

Arabis alpina ; aubrietia purpurea ; Alyssum saxatile : all three very easy to grow, and very common.
Every Boy’s Book: A Complete Encyclopdia of Sports and Amusements Various

any trailing purple-flowered plant of the genus Aubrieta, native to European mountains but widely planted in rock gardens: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)


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