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Audience room

a room for holding formal interviews or hearings.
Historical Examples

The grove was the audience room where one might be in the shade and not too conspicuous in watching him.
In Nesting Time Olive Thorne Miller

From where I was on the barge, all appeared hushed in the audience room.
Borneo and the Indian Archipelago Frank S. Marryat

He was somewhat fearful that this hall would be larger than necessary, but it was the only audience room that he could secure.
The Old World and Its Ways William Jennings Bryan

The rooms are so arranged that at the opening and closing exercises the schoolrooms can be made one audience room.
Seven Graded Sunday Schools Various

We were only permitted to remain a few minutes in the audience room.
Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore, Volume I Sir Moses Montefiore

I sat down quietly in the back part of the audience room, by the stove.
Introduction to the Science of Sociology Robert E. Park

Neither Regis nor I spoke for a minute after we left the audience room; then, almost as one, we turned to each other.
The Planet Savers Marion Zimmer Bradley

He was greatly relieved to be outside the audience room; the way seemed easy before them now.
The Girl in the Golden Atom Raymond King Cummings

During the conflict the audience room was a wild scene of confusion.
Thirty Years in the Itinerancy Wesson Gage Miller

The pastor of the church began to work earnestly for a reconstruction of the roof, with an enlargement of the audience room.
Silver Chimes in Syria W. S. Nelson


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