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Audubon society

a society founded in 1905 for the preservation of wildlife, especially of birds.
Historical Examples

The Audubon Society had found a new field for endeavour, highly prolific in results.
The Bird Study Book Thomas Gilbert Pearson

We have an Audubon Society in our room which I think is very interesting.
Bird-Lore March-April 1916 Various

My three children are members of the Audubon Society, and are greatly interested in all wild things.
Bird-Lore March-April 1916 Various

Let us get as many people to belong to the Audubon Society as we can.
The Insect Folk Margaret Warner Morley

Tell what the Audubon Society is and how it endeavors to conserve the birds of beautiful plumage.
How Girls Can Help Their Country Juliette Low

In Florida one of the best game wardens of the Audubon Society was killed by these sordid bird-butchers.
A Book-Lover’s Holidays in the Open Theodore Roosevelt

You belong to an Audubon Society for the protection of the birds?
The Insect Folk Margaret Warner Morley

I think that we (that is the class) are all interested in the Audubon Society for the protection of birds.
Bird-Lore March-April 1916 Various

His reference to birds had recalled her to herself, for she was a member of the Audubon Society and quite up on birds.
The Gay Gnani of Gingalee Florence Huntley

“A member of the Audubon Society, probably,” queried the attendant, respectfully.
Birds and all Nature, Vol. V, No. 5, May 1899 Various


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