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to own; possess.
to owe (someone or something); be obligated to.
possessed of.

ownership; possession.
property; a possession.

Historical Examples

I begged, because she aughter know that is a sore point with me and not intention, and she had me on the raw.
Believe You Me! Nina Wilcox Putnam

Yu’d aughter be ashamed tu send a man egs that wa, anny how.
The History of The Hen Fever George P. Burnham

W’en I wuz erbout fifty years ole, de notion got inter my head dat I aughter preach.
Up Terrapin River Opie P. Read

anything at all; anything whatever (esp in the phrase for aught I know)
(dialect) in any least part; to any degree
a less common word for nought

“something,” Old English awiht “aught, anything, something,” literally “e’er a whit,” from Proto-Germanic *aiwi “ever” (from PIE *aiw- “vital force, life, long life, eternity;” see eon) + *wihti “thing, anything whatever” (see wight). In Shakespeare, Milton and Pope, aught and ought occur indiscriminately.

“nothing, zero,” faulty separation of a naught (see naught; cf. also adder for the separation problem).


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