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a silicate mineral, chiefly of calcium, magnesium, iron, and aluminum: a dark-green to black variety of monoclinic pyroxene, characteristic of basic rocks.
Historical Examples

We knew that the place was ugly and sinister, but feldspar and augite didn’t give it that look.
The White Waterfall James Francis Dwyer

These are distinguished from augite by containing little or no aluminium.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 5 Various

The cones themselves are composed largely of acid andesites, but many of the lavas are augite andesites and basalts.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 5 Various

Sections of augite crystals from the lavas of 1794 and 1820.
Volcanoes: Past and Present Edward Hull

augite, however, appears to be more plentiful in the rocks in the form of small roundish grains.
Etna G. F. Rodwell

A crystal of augite is shown near the bottom of the drawing.
Etna G. F. Rodwell

It is composed of andesitic lavas of the augite type, is pierced by many fumaroles, and has a crater in the solfatara stage.
The Solomon Islands and Their Natives H. B. (Henry Brougham) Guppy

Hornblende, like augite, also includes a great many minerals.
Geology James Geikie

The augite is mostly a variety of diopside and is only occasionally idiomorphic.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 10 Various

When the crystals are small, it is often difficult to distinguish hornblende from augite.
Geology James Geikie

a black or greenish-black mineral of the pyroxene group, found in igneous rocks. Composition: calcium magnesium iron aluminium silicate. General formula: (Ca,Mg,Fe,Al)(Si,Al)2O6. Crystal structure: monoclinic
A glassy, dark-green to black variety of pyroxene. Chemical formula: (Ca,Na)(Mg,Fe,Al)(Si,Al)2O6.


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