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  • Augment

    to make larger; enlarge in size, number, strength, or extent; increase: His salary is augmented by a small inheritance. Music. to raise (the upper note of an interval or chord) by a half step. to double the note values of (a theme): In the fugue’s development the subject is augmented. Grammar. to add an augment […]

  • Augmentation

    the act of ; state of being . that by which anything is . Music. modification of a theme by increasing the time value of all its notes. Heraldry. an addition to a coat of arms granted to a person by a sovereign power in recognition of a notable action. Historical Examples Another family which […]

  • Augmentation mammaplasty

    augmentation mammaplasty augmentation mammaplasty aug·men·ta·tion mammaplasty (ôg’měn-tā’shən) n. Plastic surgery to enlarge the breast, often by insertion of an implant.

  • Augmentative

    serving to . Grammar. pertaining to or productive of a form denoting increased size or intensity. In Spanish the augmentative suffix -ón is added to a word (as silla “chair”) to indicate increased size, as in sillón “armchair.”. Grammar. an augmentative element or formation. Historical Examples Note:—The rle of augmentative and diminutive suffixes in English […]

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