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Grammar. pertaining to or productive of a form denoting increased size or intensity. In Spanish the augmentative suffix -ón is added to a word (as silla “chair”) to indicate increased size, as in sillón “armchair.”.
Grammar. an augmentative element or formation.
Historical Examples

Note:—The rle of augmentative and diminutive suffixes in English is vastly less important than in Italian.
Montessori Elementary Materials Maria Montessori

A diminutive hardly seems the right kind of word under the circumstances; an augmentative would, perhaps, have been better.
A History of Art in Ancient Egypt, Vol. II (of 2) Georges Perrot

For the word wizard, from witch, see the section on augmentative forms.
A Handbook of the English Language Robert Gordon Latham

The augmentative forms, pre-eminently common in the Italian language, often carry with them a depreciating sense.
A Handbook of the English Language Robert Gordon Latham

The MS. has Garees, a word not to be found in the dictionary, but evidently an augmentative of gara, a heron.
A Journal of the First Voyage of Vasco da Gama 1497-1499 Unknown

tending or able to augment

denoting an affix that may be added to a word to convey the meaning large or great; for example, the suffix -ote in Spanish, where hombre means man and hombrote big man
denoting a word formed by the addition of an augmentative affix

(grammar) an augmentative word or affix

c.1500, from Middle French augmentatif (14c.), from Latin augmentat-, stem of augmentare (see augment).


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