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Aunt jemima

Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a black woman considered by other black people to be subservient to or to curry favor with whites.
Historical Examples

“Unless she were to take Inmates, you know,” said Aunt Jemima, in a sepulchral voice.
Miss Marjoribanks Mrs (Margaret) Oliphant

Aunt Jemima was to go ahead and see that these preparations were carried out.
Kennedy Square F. Hopkinson Smith

Aunt Jemima watched him in grim silence to the foot of the stairs.
The Golden Shoemaker J. W. Keyworth

Aunt Jemima, for her part, lingered a little with Lucilla downstairs.
Miss Marjoribanks Mrs (Margaret) Oliphant

Dey wants a li’l’ trimmin’ roun’ de aidges, but I reckon we kin make ’em do—Aunt Jemima sont ’em home dis mawnin’.
Kennedy Square F. Hopkinson Smith

Aunt Jemima, you’re so provoking that I sometimes think I shall have to leave you.
Marion Fay Anthony Trollope

Upon which Lucilla rose and kissed Aunt Jemima, though her head was all confused and she had noises in her ears.
Miss Marjoribanks Mrs (Margaret) Oliphant

Mr. Greenbank is the only person who has asked me, and Aunt Jemima says no one else ever will!
The Man and the Moment Elinor Glyn

And here everything came to a halt and all the troops were sent back to the barracks—(Aunt Jemima will do for the barracks).
Kennedy Square F. Hopkinson Smith

So he took a seat on a barrel-head and began to scrub it off; but he found it something like Aunt Jemima’s plaster.
The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Amanda Minnie Douglas


the world’s first living trademark, Nancy Green, who demonstrated the ready-mixed, self-rising pancake flour created in 1889.

In the image of “Aunt Jemima,” the Nancy Green legend lives on.


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