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Aunt sally

a person who is a ready target for criticism or focus for disputation.
Historical Examples

A laugh caused Aunt Sally to glance through the window, where Jessica was an amused spectator of the scene within.
Jessica, the Heiress Evelyn Raymond

And all the old furniture was sold too, and that most killed Aunt Sally.
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1909 to 1922 Lucy Maud Montgomery

“Well, Aunt Sally is the wisest woman in the world,” replied Mrs. Bassett, with emphasis.
A Hoosier Chronicle Meredith Nicholson

He fell in the way of calling her “Aunt Sally” as others did, and this seemed to please her.
The Mountain Girl Payne Erskine

Aunt Sally was seated in the chimney-corner smoking, when Cassandra returned.
The Mountain Girl Payne Erskine

Lots of things that have been missing from the kitchen and puzzled Aunt Sally so.
Jessica, the Heiress Evelyn Raymond

They went three months ago and terrible hard they took it, especially Aunt Sally, I felt awful about it myself.
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1909 to 1922 Lucy Maud Montgomery

Only that you must explain what all this row and rumpus is about with Aunt Sally.
Jessica, the Heiress Evelyn Raymond

It opened into the kitchen, where Aunt Sally and her son were having breakfast.
Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves: Volume IV, Georgia Narratives, Part 1 Work Projects Administration

So, run to Aunt Sally, dear, and ask if she can be spared from her nursing a few hours.
Jessica, the Heiress Evelyn Raymond

noun (Brit) (pl) -lies
a figure of an old woman’s head, typically with a clay pipe, used in fairgrounds and fêtes as a target for balls or other objects
any person who is a target for insults or criticism
something set up as a target for disagreement or attack


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