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are we going to have to go through all this again?


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  • Awheel

    adverb on wheels Historical Examples Crowds streamed by afoot, asaddle and awheel, all bound for a common destination. Old Judge Priest Irvin S. Cobb When he went abroad with Cynthia awheel or afoot, some took off their hats—an unheard-of thing in Coniston. Coniston, Complete Winston Churchill Who his trimmed enough carriages to set all New […]

  • Awhato

    noun (pl) awhato (NZ) the mummified body of a caterpillar killed by the fungus Cordyceps robertsii, sometimes used as a dye

  • Awhile

    for a short time or period: Stay awhile. Contemporary Examples I think for awhile he thought he had to go to every party in Washington. The Education of Luke Russert Howard Kurtz December 5, 2010 Perhaps, once in awhile, scarcity will breed rational thinking, too. Explosion of Cute: Inside the Superfan Mania of Hello Kitty […]

  • Awhfy

    awhfy are we having fun yet?

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