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airborne expendable current profiler


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    ax. Contemporary Examples He is the drone official, the bland-faced human-resources manager tasked with dropping the axe. Scott Walker: Too Boring to Beat Ana Marie Cox November 4, 2014 And that means they also fall under the umbrella of programs most likely to get the axe when state and federal budgets are tight. How to […]

  • Axebird

    noun (Austral) a nightjar of northern Queensland and New Guinea with a cry that sounds like a chopping axe

  • Axe-breaker

    noun (Austral) an Australian oleaceous tree, Notelaea longifolia, yielding very hard timber Historical Examples In fact, its name is derived from two Portuguese words meaning “axe-breaker.” Leather K. J. Adcock

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    an instrument with a bladed head on a handle or helve, used for hewing, cleaving, chopping, etc. Jazz Slang. any musical instrument. the ax, Informal. dismissal from employment: to get the ax. expulsion from school. rejection by a lover, friend, etc.: His girlfriend gave him the ax. any usually summary removal or curtailment. to shape […]

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