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a blue mineral, a hydrous copper carbonate, Cu 3 (CO 3) 2 (OH) 2 : an ore of copper.
a gem of moderate value cut from this mineral.
Historical Examples

She was twisting the azurite jewels on her bosom, and pressing the blunt points into her flesh.
The White Peacock D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence

He further draws attention to the occurrence of irregular knobs two to three lines in height which consist, in part, of azurite.
The Preservation of Antiquities Friedrich Rathgen

azurite, a blue mineral, a carbonate of copper, often occurring in crystals.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3 Various

Copper carbonates are of wide occurrence in the mineral kingdom, and constitute the valuable ores malachite and azurite.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 3 Various

The Chessy and Banat azurite is most profitably employed to make sulphate of copper.
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure

The carbonates give us malachite and azurite, both carbonates of copper with combined water, the malachite having more water.
A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public Frank Bertram Wade

Two more of the softer materials, malachite and azurite, remain to be described.
A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public Frank Bertram Wade

azurite is found in the Arizona mines and in Chessy, in France (hence the name chessylite, sometimes used instead of azurite).
A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public Frank Bertram Wade

Crystals of azurite belong to the monoclinic system; they have a vitreous lustre and are translucent.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1 Various

In almost every way, except difference in color and slight difference in composition, it is very much like azurite (see above).
Geology William J. Miller

an azure-blue mineral associated with copper deposits. It is a source of copper. Composition: copper carbonate. Formula: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2. Crystal structure: monoclinic
A dark-blue monoclinic mineral occurring as a mass of crystals (an aggregate) or in the form of blades with wedge-shaped tips. It is often found together with the mineral malachite in copper deposits. Azurite is used as a source of copper, as a gemstone, and as a dye for paints and fabrics. Chemical formula: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2.


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