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Baby shower


a party given for a pregnant woman, to which guests bring presents for the baby

Having a baby shower arranged by a family-member or relative is seen as bad form and self serving by many traditionalists.
Word Origin

Contemporary Examples

He told police that he was just coming from a baby shower at the Sugar Hill Club in Bedford-Stuyvesant.
Hit-and-Run Driver Julio Acevedo Talks, Suggests 50 Cent Connection Michael Daly March 5, 2013

This cool, casual look can be worn at events ranging from a baby shower to a dinner with family or friends.
YouTube Sensation Sam Horowitz Picks Eight Looks for Hanukkah The Fashion Beast Team November 27, 2013

“Every day is a baby shower at Rosie Pope Maternity,” she said.
Rosie Pope’s Pregnant in Heels on Bravo Jace Lacob May 15, 2011


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