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Back road

a little-used secondary road, especially one through a rural or sparsely populated area.
Contemporary Examples

Haryopratomo spoke of a woman he met while riding his motorcycle on a back road in rural Indonesia.
Bringing Mobile Technology to the World’s Women Nina Strochlic September 23, 2013

Our beach path was impassable, we found another way on the back road.
Our Visit From Irene India Hicks August 26, 2011

Historical Examples

At length, he turned into a back road, and from this to the barely discernible trace of an old log road.
Police Operation H. Beam Piper

The road is what is called a “back road,” and leads through woods most of the way.
Riverby John Burroughs

Whether or not they have sent another detachment around by that back road can hardly be known till we find them there.
In The Saddle Oliver Optic

She brightened into beauty when she heard a horse on the back road.
Nobody’s Child Elizabeth Dejeans

In a short time they were on the outskirts of Pentville and entered the town by a back road.
The Mystery of Jockey Hollow Cleo Garis

I looked across at the back road, along which a junk-dealer’s wagon jangled.
Steel Charles Rumford Walker

Chloe had made a bolt for it, and had passed the tram safely and got away on to the back road.
Mary Gray Katharine Tynan

I go out the side door an’ up the road a piece an’ into the back road.
Old Crow Alice Brown


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