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Bail bandit


a person who commits a crime while on bail awaiting trial


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  • Bail bond

    a formal document that gives bail for someone to be released from custody. Historical Examples And when Nelson was in trouble over those stolen gold coins Uncle Jason went on his bail bond and hired the lawyer to defend him. The Mission of Janice Day Helen Beecher Long The bail bond was made out and […]

  • Bail out on

    bail out on verb phrase To leave someone behind or in the lurch: bailed out on the book project

  • Bailout

    the act of parachuting from an aircraft, especially to escape a crash, fire, etc. an instance of coming to the rescue, especially financially: a government bailout of a large company. an alternative, additional choice, or the like: If the highway is jammed, you have two side roads as bailouts. of, relating to, or consisting of […]

  • Bail someone out

    bail someone out verb phrase To get someone out of a difficult plight; relieve someone of debt, embarrassment, etc: I’ll bail you out this time, but next time bring enough money [1970s+; fr paying someone’s bail for release fr confinement]

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