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Bald cypress

a tree, Taxodium distichum, of swampy areas of the southern U.S., having featherlike needles and cone-shaped projections growing up from the roots, yielding a hardwood used in construction, shipbuilding, etc.
Historical Examples

In this respect the tree is like the larch and the bald cypress.
Studies of Trees Jacob Joshua Levison

There are nine recognized species of larch and two of bald cypress.
Studies of Trees Jacob Joshua Levison

Besides these, the tamaracks and the bald cypress must be included, although their leaves are shed in the autumn.
Trees Worth Knowing Julia Ellen Rogers

The bald cypress is the one member of the cypress group that sheds its foliage each autumn, following the example of the tamarack.
Trees Worth Knowing Julia Ellen Rogers

Bigtree leaves do not fall annually as those of bald cypress do.
American Forest Trees Henry H. Gibson

Its nearest relatives are the arbor-vitaes, sequoias, and the bald cypress of the South.
Trees Worth Knowing Julia Ellen Rogers

bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) is an example in which this property is particularly troublesome.
Seasoning of Wood Joseph B. Wagner

The trees are the bald cypress (Taxodium) of the Southern States, and some of them were over twenty-five feet in diameter.
Mythical Monsters Charles Gould

The cones of the bald cypress are globular, and about the size of an olive.
Trees Every Child Should Know Julia Ellen Rogers

The parks of Brooklyn have some noble specimens of this bald cypress of the South.
Trees Every Child Should Know Julia Ellen Rogers

another name for swamp cypress


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