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a loud thud, as that produced when two objects strike against each other with force.
to make or emit a bam.
Bachelor of Applied Mathematics.
Bachelor of Arts in Music.
Contemporary Examples

Then I just have to “retrieve payload” from Coinapult, trot on back over to Blockchain and bam!
My Bitcoin (Mis)adventure Winston Ross April 3, 2013

I went to get a bag of horse manure and I make it liquid, like a porridge, and then … bam!
Pensioner Planned Royal Attack With Horse Faeces Tom Sykes November 12, 2012

At the bam screening, most shades of hair color that are chromatically possible were in evidence.
Punks, UFOs, and Heroin: How ‘Liquid Sky’ Became a Cult Movie Daniel Genis June 1, 2014

It was slam, bam, thank you, done—and I think we were not helped by that.
How Republicans Screwed Themselves With Their Own Proportional-Delegate Trap John Avlon March 12, 2012

When bam walks in and it just shellacks him and takes him right off his feet?
Johnny Knoxville: My 6 Favorite ‘Jackass’ Pranks, From ‘Terror Taxi’ to ‘Bad Grandpa’ Johnny Knoxville October 24, 2013

Historical Examples

Now only three miles remain, and their sight, sharpened by an outdoor life, distinguishes the gardens of bam.
From Pole to Pole Sven Anders Hedin

It is now nine o’clock and in an hour the people of bam will be asleep.
From Pole to Pole Sven Anders Hedin

“I never change my mind, bam Lai,” said Isaacs, smiling as he quoted his visitor’s own words.
Mr. Isaacs F. Marion Crawford

Fussing back and forth, thuslike, I makes yet more acquaintances and then—bam!
J. Poindexter, Colored Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb

Shah Sevar pulls up his dromedary and orders a halt in muffled tones, as though he feared that his voice might be heard in bam.
From Pole to Pole Sven Anders Hedin

interjection, imitative of the sound of a hard hit, first recorded 1922 (from 1917 as the sound of an artillery shell bursting). Middle English had a verb bammen “to hit or strike” (late 14c.). A literary work from c.1450 represents the sound of repeated impact by Lus, bus! las, das!, and Middle English had lushe “a stroke, blow” (c.1400); lushen “to strike, knock, beat” (c.1300).


(also bamm, bammo) An exclamation imitating a hard blow: I got tested and bammo! The bad news


The sound of a hard blow: It struck the desk with a resounding bam


To strike or hit: Heads may be biffed or bammed (1918+)

Related Terms

wham-bam thank you ma’am


A mixture of a depressant with a stimulant drug, esp of a barbiturate with an amphetamine

[1970s+; fr barbiturate + amphetamine]


A woman marine

[WWII; fr broad-assed marine]
Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Brooklyn Academy of Music


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