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an ornamented dart with barbs used by banderilleros for sticking into the neck or shoulder of the bull.
Historical Examples

The jaunty insouciance of the young range-rider irritated him as a banderilla goads a bull in the ring.
Steve Yeager William MacLeod Raine

Nacional, with the banderilla in his hand, attracted the bull to the centre of the plaza.
The Blood of the Arena Vicente Blasco Ibez

And the smile was as a banderilla to her niece’s goaded spirit.
New Faces Myra Kelly

These touch-and-go experiments form no part of the strict duties of the chulo; his exclusive province is the banderilla.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 71, No. 436, February 1852 Various

Next to them are the banderilleros; and the dart adorned with many colored ribbons is called a banderilla.
Vine and Olive; Or Young America in Spain and Portugal Oliver Optic

(bullfighting) a decorated barbed dart, thrust into the bull’s neck or shoulder


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