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the irreducible minimum; the most essential components:
Reduce this report to its bare bones. There is nothing left of the town but the bare bones—a couple of stores, a church, and a few houses.
Contemporary Examples

From that meeting, they generate a barebones, two-page outline.
This Is How an Episode of Cartoon Network’s ‘Adventure Time’ Is Made Rich Goldstein December 18, 2013

Historical Examples

barebones’ Parliament, a body full of stiff-backed and fanatical Independents, soon proved too restive for its creator.
A History of England Charles Oman

He was a prominent member of the barebones Parliament, but after its extinction ceased to exercise any political influence.
State Trials, Political and Social Various

And old Father Murray is just the dearest old man ever was, and hasn’t got a long, solemn face like Mr. barebones.
The Actress’ Daughter May Agnes Fleming

Your barebones, and Hop-an’-jumps, and creatures of that vulgar herd, are quite out of my category.’
Miss Elliot’s Girls Mrs Mary Spring Corning

The mere essentials or plain, unadorned framework of something, as in This outline gives just the bare bones of the story; details will come later. This phrase transfers the naked skeleton of a body to figurative use. [ c. 1900 ]


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