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one of the crew of a barge.
a person who owns, manages, or captains a barge.
Historical Examples

No doubt he can find some bargeman there who will take the boy in.
The Lost Heir G. A. Henty

Yet who does not feel that there is a nobility about a sailor which a bargeman cannot claim?
Broken Bread Thomas Champness

Perhaps it was so likened by the lonely bargeman, standing on the brink of the lock.
Our Mutual Friend Charles Dickens

Unloading the wheat is the hardest part of the bargeman’s work.
Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty Nicholas Vachel Lindsay

Anna Maria’s the daughter of a bargeman, and was born and brought up on a barge.
The Chauffeur and the Chaperon C. N. Williamson

“My mother was a Frenchwoman, and my father an Essex bargeman,” he said abruptly.
Day and Night Stories Algernon Blackwood

The bargeman was asked for his knife, and Ludlow himself made the first cut upon the solid and difficult mass.
The Water-Witch or, The Skimmer of the Seas James Fenimore Cooper

He heard it at the Brocas; a bargeman told him about a quarter of an hour ago.’
Coningsby Benjamin Disraeli

Approaching nearer and nearer, the bargeman became Bradley Headstone, in rough water-side second-hand clothing.
Our Mutual Friend Charles Dickens

After a quarter of an hour’s rowing the bargeman’s house came in view.
The Lost Heir G. A. Henty


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