a borough of Greater London, England.
the abrupt, harsh, explosive cry of a dog.
a similar sound made by another animal, as a fox.
a short, explosive sound, as of firearms:
the bark of a revolver.
a brusque order, reply, etc.:
The foreman’s bark sent the idlers back to their machines.
a cough.
(of a dog or other animal) to utter an abrupt, explosive cry or a series of such cries.
to make a similar sound:
The big guns barked.
to speak or cry out sharply or gruffly:
a man who barks at his children.
Informal. to advertise a theater performance, carnival sideshow, or the like, by standing at the entrance and calling out to passersby.
to cough.
to utter in a harsh, shouting tone:
barking orders at her subordinates.
bark at the moon, to protest in vain:
Telling her that she’s misinformed is just barking at the moon.
bark up the wrong tree, to assail or pursue the wrong person or object; misdirect one’s efforts:
If he expects me to get him a job, he’s barking up the wrong tree.
the external covering of the woody stems, branches, and roots of plants, as distinct and separable from the wood itself.
Tanning. a mixture of oak and hemlock barks.
candy, usually of chocolate with large pieces of nuts, made in flat sheets.
to rub off or scrape the skin of, as by bumping into something:
to bark one’s shins.
to remove a circle of bark from; girdle.
to cover, enclose, or encrust with or as if with bark.
to treat with a bark infusion; tan.
to strip the bark from; peel.
Contemporary Examples

Back at police headquarters, Chief of Police Michael Floore Sr. ran out of the detective bureau, Barking into a walkie talkie.
The Disappearing Cops of East St. Louis Justin Glawe November 25, 2014

They make all kinds of calls and noises as we pass: slurps, hissing, Barking, and even machine-gun sounds.
Egypt’s Sexual Harassment Epidemic Sophia Jones, Erin Banco June 26, 2012

Looking back, Sukhodrev believed his interpretation of the word “baying” as “Barking” exacerbated the exchange.
Nikita Khrushchev, Talk Show Guest Stephen Battaglio November 19, 2010

He approached ahead of her, Barking furiously, and I put down my hand for him to sniff, which seemed to enrage him further.
Working in The Royal Archives and Dreaming Up a Novel Tom Sykes October 15, 2012

If you find this too great a challenge, you may be Barking up the wrong relationship tree.
Horoscopes July 3-9, 2011 Starsky + Cox July 1, 2011

Historical Examples

A fearful uproar of Barking, howling, and snorting, followed.
Left on Labrador Charles Asbury Stephens

A Coyote came bounding and Barking through the sage-brush after him.
The Biography of a Grizzly Ernest Seton-Thompson

He heard Binks Barking in the back yard and he went down to him.
The Cottage of Delight Will N. Harben

She only knew he was there because the dog at the priest’s house was Barking.
Father Sergius Leo Tolstoy

On seeing his master stir, the dog showed more spirit, putting on a bolder front and Barking wildly.
Captain Ted Louis Pendleton

mad; crazy
(intensifier): barking mad
the loud abrupt usually harsh or gruff cry of a dog or any of certain other animals
a similar sound, such as one made by a person, gun, etc
his bark is worse than his bite, he is bad-tempered but harmless
(intransitive) (of a dog or any of certain other animals) to make its typical loud abrupt cry
(intransitive) (of a person, gun, etc) to make a similar loud harsh sound
to say or shout in a brusque, peremptory, or angry tone: he barked an order
(US, informal) to advertise (a show, merchandise, etc) by loudly addressing passers-by
(informal) bark up the wrong tree, to misdirect one’s attention, efforts, etc; be mistaken
a protective layer of dead corky cells on the outside of the stems of woody plants
any of several varieties of this substance that can be used in tanning, dyeing, or in medicine
an informal name for cinchona
verb (transitive)
to scrape or rub off skin, as in an injury
to remove the bark or a circle of bark from (a tree or log)
to cover or enclose with bark
to tan (leather), principally by the tannins in barks
a variant spelling (esp US) of barque

“tree skin,” c.1300, from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse borkr “bark,” from Proto-Germanic *barkuz, which probably is related to birch and Low German borke. The native word was rind.

“any small ship,” early 15c., from Middle French barque (15c.), from Late Latin barca (c.400 C.E.), probably cognate with Vulgar Latin *barica (see barge). More precise sense of “three-masted ship” (17c.) often is spelled barque to distinguish it.

dog sound, Old English beorc, from bark (v.). Paired and compared with bite (n.) since at least 1660s; the proverb is older: “Timid dogs bark worse than they bite” was in Latin (Canis timidus vehementius latrat quam mordet, Quintius Curtius).

in reference to a dog sound, Old English beorcan “to bark,” from Proto-Germanic *berkanan (cf. Old Norse berkja “to bark”), of echoic origin. Related: Barked; barking. To bark up the wrong tree is U.S. colloquial, first attested 1832, from notion of hounds following the wrong scent.
The protective outer covering of the trunk, branches, and roots of trees and other woody plants. Bark includes all tissues outside the vascular cambium. In older trees, bark is usually divided into inner bark, consisting of living phloem, and outer bark, consisting of the periderm (the phelloderm, cork cambium, and cork) and all the tissues outside it. The outer bark is mainly dead tissue that protects the tree from heat, cold, insects, and other dangers. The appearance of bark varies according to the manner in which the periderm forms, as in broken layers or smoother rings. Bark also has lenticels, porous corky areas that allow for the exchange of water vapor and gases with the interior living tissues.

bark is worse than one’s bite, one’s
bark up the wrong tree

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