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Barrel cactus

any of several large, cylindrical, ribbed, spiny cacti of the genera Echinocactus and Ferocactus.
Historical Examples

He lives upon the barrel cactus, a plant so protected by spines as to seem unapproachable by man or animal.
The Mystic Mid-Region Arthur J. Burdick

Near by springs up the barrel cactus, a forbidding column no one dares touch.
The Romance of the Colorado River Frederick S. Dellenbaugh

Another of picturesque appeal is the bisnaga or barrel cactus, of which there are many species of many sizes.
The Book of the National Parks Robert Sterling Yard

The boys got out and walked quickly into the desert, found a barrel cactus, and began dissecting it with Rick’s scout knife.
The Scarlet Lake Mystery Harold Leland Goodwin

She knew that the pulp of the barrel cactus that she tried to chew turned to bitter sawdust in her mouth and sickened her.
The Heart of the Desert Honor Willsie Morrow


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