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Historical Examples

In it the preparation of barytes as an adulterant for paints is described at some length.
Scientific American, Volume 56, No. 9, February 26, 1887 Various

The residuum may be examined for silica, lime, barytes, and oxide of titanium.
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure

Magnesia dissolved in much smaller quantity, and barytes seemed to decompose the sugar entirely.
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure

barytes is mined in the north of England and in County Cork.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3 Various

The mineral barite is a heavy white sulphate of barium, frequently called “barytes” or “heavy spar.”
The Economic Aspect of Geology C. K. Leith

The specific gravity (4.2) of this compound is lower than that of barytes.
Paint Technology and Tests Henry A. Gardner

barytes scratches easily with the knife, and from its great specific gravity is often called heavy-spar.
Geology James Geikie

The sugar made in this way, I was told, contains no trace of barytes.
The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom P. L. Simmonds

The sulphate of barytes, calcareous spar, and white crystalline masses of quartz, characterize the uplands.
Scenes and Adventures in the Semi-Alpine Region of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

At this locality, the ore is accompanied by the sulphate of barytes, and is sometimes crystallized in cubes or octohedrons.
Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River, in 1820 Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

a colourless or white mineral consisting of barium sulphate in orthorhombic crystalline form, occurring in sedimentary rocks and with sulphide ores: a source of barium. Formula: BaSO4 Also called (esp US and Canadian) barite, heavy spar


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