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a peninsula on W Luzon, in the Philippines: U.S. troops surrendered to Japanese April 9, 1942.
Contemporary Examples

But few things inspire more howling from writers than that post-publication Bataan death march known as the book tour.
Dumps and Death Threats, Hecklers and Vindication: True Tales from Today’s DIY Book Tour Bill Morris August 11, 2014

In May, Japan apologized for the Bataan Death March—the torturous trek that killed 2,500 men in 1942.
Healing the Wounds of Bataan Michael Norman September 18, 2009

Some 2,500 American and Filipino POWs died on that infamous trek, the Bataan Death March.
Healing the Wounds of Bataan Michael Norman September 18, 2009

It is the sportswriting version of the Bataan Death March, The Longest Yard with the score still tied, the Bridge to Nowhere.
Super Bowl: The Best That Never Was! Buzz Bissinger February 3, 2011

Also, after Pearl Harbor and Bataan, it usually shyly follows America’s lead in international affairs.
The Vote And The Holocaust Edward S. Goldstein November 29, 2012

Historical Examples

Almost immediately, on September 15, 1587, the vicariate of Bataan was founded and settled.
Doctrina Christiana Anonymous

He was the parish priest of the pueblo of Hermosa in the province of Bataan.
The Katipunan J. Brecknock Watson (AKA Francis St. Clair)

From that place he was transferred to the vicariate of Bataan, the language of which he learned very well.
The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XXXI, 1640 Diego Aduarte

He had displayed high qualities in the mission to Bataan, to which he had been assigned.
The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XXXI, 1640 Diego Aduarte

Being sent to Bataan in company with three other fathers, he, as the youngest, had to carry a very heavy burden of duties.
The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XXXI, 1640 Diego Aduarte

a peninsula in the Philippines, in W Luzon: scene of the surrender of US and Philippine forces to the Japanese during World War II, later retaken by American forces


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