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Bathing cap

a tight-fitting elastic cap, usually of rubber, worn to keep the hair dry while swimming and bathing.
Historical Examples

Amy made a face at him, settled her bathing cap more firmly, and looked at Jessie.
The Campfire Girls on Station Island Margaret Penrose

The women have to wear a sort of bathing cap over their hair.
Over Here Hector MacQuarrie

She had no bathing cap on, and her wet hair was beginning to curl a little as it dried in the sun.
Missing at Marshlands Cleo Garis

Mrs. Eames took off her bathing cap and ran her fingers through her hair as if deeply pondering.
The Smuggler’s Cave George A. Birmingham

And one’s hair doesn’t appear half so becoming in that state as it does even under a bathing cap.
The Outdoor Girls at Ocean View Laura Lee Hope

There was nothing much to see but a dark blue gown spread on a rock to dry, and behind the rock the bob of a bathing cap.
Boy Woodburn Alfred Ollivant

Over it he pulled a rubber cap, like a bathing cap with a hole cut in the top.
The Mind Master Arthur J. Burks

The bathing cap had been stuffed away, and her hair, still dark from the sea, was bare to the sun.
Boy Woodburn Alfred Ollivant

Mrs. Rose put a bathing cap on Dolly’s head and tied a gay kerchief over that.
Two Little Women Carolyn Wells

In case the health demands the shower-bath, the hair should be protected by a bathing cap.
Scientific American Supplement, Vol. XV., No. 388, June 9, 1883 Various

a tight rubber cap worn by a swimmer to keep the hair dry


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