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Batting average

Baseball. a measure of the batting ability of a player, obtained by dividing the number of base hits by the number of official times at bat and carrying out the result to three decimal places. A player with 100 base hits in 300 times at bat has a batting average of 0.333.
Informal. a degree of achievement or accomplishment in any activity.
Contemporary Examples

“Some people worry about our batting average,” he told the crowd of activists.
Right-Wing PACs’ Formula: Lose Races, Rake In the Cash Patricia Murphy August 13, 2014

He dominated hitters, posting the top numbers in ERA, strikeout-to-walk, and the batting average of opposing hitters.
Up to Speed: The Red Sox and Cardinals World Series Showdown William O’Connor October 22, 2013

Historical Examples

He could tell you the batting average of every player in the big leagues for ten years back.
What’s-His-Name George Barr McCutcheon

I’ll leave out ‘batting average’ if it makes it more truthful.
Once a Week Alan Alexander Milne

Counting the two goals from touchdowns against Princeton I had a batting average of 1000 in three games.
Football Days William H. Edwards

That’s a batting average of—He tried to figure it out with a pencil, but gave it up as a bad job.
The Success Machine Henry Slesar

He may be a fairly good fielder, and his batting average may beat mine, said Tooley, but hell never be the iron man he once was.
Baseball Joe in the Central League Lester Chadwick

Back of my generation the batting average was just about as good.
Homeburg Memories George Helgesen Fitch

The point in dispute is the figure of Delehanty’s batting average in 1867.
Fifth Avenue Arthur Bartlett Maurice

But I could be a fair fielder, I think, and maybe I could fatten up my batting average.
Baseball Joe in the Central League Lester Chadwick


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