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any of several often aromatic trees or shrubs of the genus Myrica, as M. pensylvanica, of northeastern North America, and M. californica, of the western U.S.
Compare wax myrtle.
the berry of such a plant.
bay4 (def 2).
Historical Examples

He kindled a pipe and sat meditating, none too cheerfully, by the frail light of a bayberry candle.
The Tyranny of Weakness Charles Neville Buck

I wonder if she’s ever told her husband about what I heard in the bayberry bushes.
Cape Cod Stories Joseph C. Lincoln

Now, Patty, about the tree; would you have bayberry candles on it, or only the electric lights?
Patty’s Social Season Carolyn Wells

The beach plum and bayberry bushes on the dunes were spangled with beady drops.
Keziah Coffin Joseph C. Lincoln

bayberry is called candleberry, too, because of the use our great-grandmothers made of the wax.
The Library of Work and Play: Outdoor Work Mary Rogers Miller

The path to the light-house led through a patch of bayberry bushes.
Flint Maud Wilder Goodwin

We spent a good deal of time scouting over the moors, among the bayberry bushes and the pointed red cedars.
Pilgrim Trails Frances Lester Warner

bayberry tallow is excellent to rub on the sides of drawers.
Woodworking for Beginners Charles Gardner Wheeler

For it was honest morning now, a September morning, blowing wild-grapes and sea sand and bayberry into Roger’s nostrils.
Margarita’s Soul Ingraham Lovell

I conveyed the bayberry wax to Abb de Chalut, with your compliments, as you desired.
The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. IV (of 12) Various

noun (pl) -ries
any of several North American aromatic shrubs or small trees of the genus Myrica, that bear grey waxy berries: family Myricaceae See also wax myrtle
Also called bay rum tree. a tropical American myrtaceous tree, Pimenta racemosa, that yields an oil used in making bay rum
the fruit of any of these plants


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