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a gesture used to signal, summon, or direct someone.
Chiefly Scot. a bow or curtsy of greeting.
Archaic. beckon.
at someone’s beck and call, ready to do someone’s bidding; subject to someone’s slightest wish:
He has three servants at his beck and call.
to form (a billet or the like) into a tire or hoop by rolling or hammering on a mandrel or anvil.
a nod, wave, or other gesture or signal
at someone’s beck and call, ready to obey someone’s orders instantly; subject to someone’s slightest whim
(in N England) a stream, esp a swiftly flowing one

late 14c., “mute signal,” from noun use of bekken (v.), variant of becnan “to beckon” (see beckon). Transferred sense of “slightest indication of will” is from late 15c.

c.1300, shortening of beckon. (v.).
see: at someone’s beck and call


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