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Beech marten

stone marten.
another name for stone marten


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  • Beech mast

    the edible nuts of the beech, especially when lying on the ground. Historical Examples I have known them to nest on hemlock mast alone in Pennsylvania, and in Michigan on the pine mast after the beech mast was gone. The Passenger Pigeon Various The old birds never feed in or near the nesting, leaving all […]

  • Beechnut

    the small, triangular, edible nut of the beech. Historical Examples The grove already had an ample quota of beechnut harvesters of high and low degree. The Duck-footed Hound James Arthur Kjelgaard He did not want the beechnut; but he did want to nose it out. Wood Folk at School William J. Long You must only […]

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    beech (def 2). Contemporary Examples Presumably we will not find them in the beechwood Mansion or the Louis Comfort Tiffany studio. The Forgotten American Woman Kate Betts May 4, 2010 Historical Examples I went to bed and had hot brandy and water, and read The Boys of beechwood. The Forsyte Saga, Volume III. John Galsworthy […]

  • Beechen

    any tree of the genus Fagus, of temperate regions, having a smooth gray bark and bearing small, edible, triangular nuts. Also called beechwood. the wood of such a tree. any member of the plant family Fagaceae, characterized by trees and shrubs having alternate, usually toothed or lobed leaves, male flowers in catkins and female flowers […]

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