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Beer jerker

beer jerker

noun phrase

A person whose work is drawing draft beer and serving it: waiter girls, popularly known as ”beer-jerkers” (1870+)


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  • Beer joint

    beer joint noun phrase A tavern or bar serving primarily beer (1940s+) Historical Examples People’d drive up to a beer joint, go in, get in a scuffle an’—bingo! The Ambulance Made Two Trips William Fitzgerald Jenkins

  • Beer nut

    noun a trademarked peanut snack served with its husk but no shell, in a sweet-and-salty glaze; also used generically for a peanut served with its husk but not the shell Examples In Australia, “beer nuts” are used as a generic description of roasted, salted peanuts sold shelled but unhusked. Word Origin 1950+ Usage Note cooking

  • Beer nuts

    a brand of tavern nuts.

  • Beer parlour

    noun (Canadian) a room in a tavern, hotel, etc in which beer is served

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