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Pierre Jean de
[pyer zhahn duh] /pyɛr ʒɑ̃ də/ (Show IPA), 1780–1857, French poet.
Historical Examples

He did not wait for my answer, but rising, left the room, humming as he went some gay strain of beranger’s.
The Professor (AKA Charlotte Bronte) Currer Bell

beranger has employed them in most of his songs, and Moore in many of his.
Thomas Davis, Selections from his Prose and Poetry Thomas Davis

He remembered beranger’s charming verses, “I am of the people as well, my love!”
A Romance of Youth, Complete Francois Coppee

beranger has devoted a witty stanza to that year of madness.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 64, No. 397, November 1848 Various

Imitating his rival, Alcide Jolivet had used a merry refrain of beranger.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

It was a book of French songs—beranger’s and others less notable.
The Lane That Had No Turning, Complete Gilbert Parker

At the present day, everybody wishes to be reckoned among the lunatics of beranger.
What is Property? P. J. Proudhon

beranger, as far as age will permit him, is a stern republican.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 1. No 1, June 1850 Various

His three great admirations were Napoleon, Bolivar, and beranger.
Bureaucracy Honore de Balzac

Don’t sing those songs of beranger at table; and don’t get fuddled.
Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau Honore de Balzac

Pierre Jean de (pjɛr ʒɑ̃ də). 1780–1857, French lyric and satirical poet


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