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Beta-naphthyl radical

See under naphthyl.
Also called alpha-naphthyl group, alpha-naphthyl radical. the univalent group C 1 0 H 7 –, having a replaceable hydrogen atom in the first, or alpha, position; 1-naphthyl group.
Also called beta-naphthyl group, beta-naphthyl radical. the univalent group C 1 0 H 7 –, having a replaceable hydrogen atom in the second, or beta, position; 2-naphthyl group.


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    a white to reddish, crystalline, water-soluble, extremely toxic solid, C 10 H 9 N, used chiefly in the manufacture of azo dyes. Historical Examples Coal Raphael Meldola Coal Raphael Meldola

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